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Have a Song Produced from start to streaming on all of the major platforms.

Record with a Professional Audio Engineer at Trax Sound Studio.

Have a Song or the Audio to a Film/Animation/Video Professionally Mixed and Mastered.

Full Package Treatment designed to develop your musical catalogue and save you money. 

Purchase the rights to an existing composition, or have one tailor made.

Have a Musical Score created for your Film, Animation or Video Content.

Have Sound Effects Designed and Arranged for a Film, Animation or Video Content.

Album Art created custom for your Next Album

Why Trax?

Trax Sound Studio is dedicated to delivering excellent audio services tailored to the customer’s needs. Learn more, and see how Trax can bring your projects to the next level! 

“Daniel is one of the first people that inspired my career as a musician. He knows how to give an artist confidence in the studio which will always elevate the music.”

“A fine choice for a recording studio in Niagara”

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“For the best audio results, choose Trax Sound Studio for your next project.”