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about us

Trax Sound Studio is a Recording Studio In St Catharines owned and operated by Daniel Glassbourg – Producer, Musician, Composer, Sound Designer and Audio Engineer. Daniel has been producing music for over 10 years and his passion for the art is second only to his technical know-how. From recording, mixing and mastering in-house productions to writing scores for film and much more, Daniel has the skills and experience to accommodate all of your acoustic needs. Choosing Trax is a choice to bring your productions to the next level!

Trax Sound Studio is a state of the art facility which has been outfitted with a myriad of audio tools to help you achieve the highest level of sound quality for your next production. Over several months, the studio was painstakingly designed and constructed by Daniel himself, making sure to Keep every small detail in mind. Daniel put to his carpentry and construction skills to good use in order to build the facility from the ground up. No matter what the task at hand, Daniel always stays committed to achieving the best possible results. 

Act now and book your session today at Trax Sound  Studio. Our convenient location is in St Catharines downtown core!

Extraordinary Experiences

“Daniel is one of the first people that inspired my career as a musician. He knows how to give an artist confidence in the studio which will always elevate the music.”


"I chose Trax Sound Studio to produce the score for my film because it really fit my needs and my budget, as it has done many times before. Then, when my current Audio Engineer was unable to finish the Mix and Master, I knew I could rely on Trax to get the job done. As a returning customer, I'm always happy with the fine work done at Trax Sound Studio."
“I used Trax Sound Studio for some voice-over work and couldn't be happier with the result. The turnaround time was great and the quality was excellent. All around positive experience. Would highly recommend.” 

There is more to an audio project then just the audio itself. The people involved in the project will make a world of difference. The facility you work in must be comfortable and accommodating to all. The studio equipment should be state of the art and well maintained. An artist who is comfortable can stay focused on the creativity without worrying about all the technical aspects of making an audio recording sound professional. At Trax Sound Studio, we strive to provide the greatest audio experience possible to the customer. We are %100 committed to delivering the highest audio quality for your next project and can guarantee customer satisfaction. If you are a creative in need of audio services for your next project, look no further. Trax Sound Studio is the #1 for quality and experience when choosing a recording studio in St Catharines!